Get Your Girlfriend Back… Now !    

The reason that you landed on this page is that you have lost your Girlfriend and wonder   all the time “how to get my ex back”. The first thing you thought when she dumped you was that she would call you in a couple of hours and ask you to make up again.

First of all, excuse me for my spellingmistakes, English is not my native language.


I was in that situation as well, my girlfriend did everything for me, I was her number 1 and in a blink of an eye she dumped me after 6 years. I expected that she would call me a few hours later to make up again, afteral she told me 1000x that I was her reason to live and she could not live without me.

But she didn’t call me. Each time I called her, she did not pick up or when she did, she told me that I had to leave her alone.
I tried all, I did send her the sweetest emails, did sent her sms that we should talk, I sent her message that I feel sorry, missing here, that I love her so very much, etc…
I lost a lot of weight, didn’t eat and didn’t sleep.
3 months later I still was trying and then her mom told me that I should leave her alone. I did sent a mail to her brother telling him that I miss her so much, that I made mistakes, asking him to talk with her.

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From morning till evening I was thinking how to get my ex back

Nothing helped, the more I did the more I pushed her away. Some of my friends told me what to do, buying her perfume from Angel (this was her sweetname). Sending a teddybear to her, etc… Nothing helped.
Untill I found some information about getting your girlfriend back. I was reading it and came to the conclusion that I did everything wrong. That all my actions repel a girl. So I started to follow the advice. It was hard because I had to do the opposite of what I always done. It was my only chance because “my system” made it only worse.

I was amazed but it worked, out of the blue she called me, she called me to ask me if I could find a dress for her in her size because she couldn’t find it in the shop around her (we lived in different cities. It was with an excuse that she called me but the main thing was that she contacted me. From then I followed the advice that I had, it was very counterintuitive, totaly against the way I should do it myself. Within 3 weeks I had her back. I could not believe that it worked.  That happened to me a few years ago.
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A friend of mine his wife left him. I was in the middle of that fight. She asked me to drive her to buy furniture for her new house. She complained to me about him and he called me all the time to tell me his pain.

He could not fix it, she was so angry with him. He tried all and in fact he made the same mistakes as I did. One night he tried to call her 39 times. I explained him what he should do, the advice that I had. He didn’t believe it and wanted to try his way.
After 2 months the situation seemed hopeless. So I gave him the info and told him that he should be stuck to it.
He had her back in about 3 weeks!

Someone else (Oliver)  that I know lost his girlfriend as well. I know him but he is not someone I have much contact with.
Another friend complained to me that Olivier called her every day to complain about his lost love. Each day he called the friend of mine to tell how miserable he felt, how he missed her, that she did not wanted to talk with him etc…

That friend of mine asked me if I wanted to talk with him as man to man.
So I called him and told him about the “only way” to fix it again. He had no ears for that, he only wanted to  what he thought what would work.
I forced him do what helped others. Finally he did this and he got her back at the end. It helped thoussands

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It is so powerful and such great self help that I would advise it to everyone. You learn more about women’s thoughts, find out what made her dump you, even though everything was fine. You will come out so much stronger. The only thing is : 

YOU NEED TO STICK TO THE SYSTEM ! If you don’t you might fail.

From the bottom of my heart I hope that you get your girlfriend back and I wish you all the strength – you will need it.