For many people, nothing feels good to be in a relationship with someone whom you love. The feelings could make you radiate with positive thoughts all day long. However, this can all be marred by quarrels, misunderstandings, miscommunication and suddenly, the relationship which once formed the core of your life could be over.

If you are a guy, this can be traumatic for you especially if you are still in love. However, if you are determined to get your girlfriend back, you might be willing to do everything you can. While this is a good spirit, it is likely to lead to you making even more costly mistakes which would damage your chances of getting your girlfriend back. The following are some mistakes which guys should avoid if you want your ex back;

  1. EGO: Guys are known to have a lot of egos. The truth we all have egos but some people are prone to having an ego. When our pride has been hurt or bruised, we might be tempted to try to fight back just to prove a point. This is one thing however you should avoid if you want your girlfriend back. Fight to her back simply because of an injured ego will show. This will in effect make her feel you are just interested in proving a point which would make resist your efforts. Therefore, it is advised that you put ego aside.  Stop thinking how to get my ex back, have faith and think about having your ex back.

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  1. AVOID STALKING HER: Nobody likes a stalker and this would no difference with your girlfriend. Try as much as possible to avoid places where she might be. This would include places where she is fond of hanging out with friends. Looking a stalker would not help you in your quest to get her back. This would only help in getting her more and more irritated. Perhaps, she might feel she made the right decision by ditching and brand you a psychopath at worse. Therefore, avoid following her.
  2. AVOID BLACKMAILING THEM: If you wish to find an easy way for your girlfriend to hate you eternal, then blackmailing her would be the perfect thing to do. Blackmailing your girlfriend either through her emotions or through threats if harm is definitely the worst thing you can do. This will not help you in your quest to get her back. Instead, it might land you in serious trouble. You could end up getting a restraining order or end up in jail. Trying to blackmail her emotionally by making her think you are with another girl now will also fail and repel her. You would only in succeed in making her feel that you are no longer interested in her. If she was still looking to get back with you, this will end all thoughts of that and she will try to move quicker.
  3. AVOID BEGGING: Begging will not do you any good. Instead, all you would gain by begging is pity from her. She will view as a desperate individual especially when your pleas are not backed up by efforts to change or make amends for what resulted in the breakup in the first place. Therefore, it would be recommended that you avoid begging her. this would simply make you look pathetic and ruin your chances of ever getting her back

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  1. CONTACTING HER PARENTS AND SIBLINGS: one of the worst thing you can do when you are trying to get your ex back is to contact her parents or siblings in a crazy quest to get her to take you back. This will not work.
  2. She would feel that you are reporting her to her family which will even upset her even more. It would best to leave her family out of your breakup deal directly with her if you have to. Getting the parents on your side would be a pretty bad move on your part as this will only make her more stubborn
  3. BLAMING YOURSELF IN EMOTIONAL OUTBURSTS: Another action which is pretty irritating is blaming yourself repeatedly whenever she gives you the chance to talk to her. This, combined with emotional outbursts such as anger or tears. This could be very embarrassing to her especially when this happens in public. This could really dent your chances of ever getting back with her. This would especially be true when this happens repeatedly as she would see such actions as fake and pathetic.

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  1. GOSSIP: Nothing sounds more petty and childish than trying to paint your ex in a bad light in an effort to get her back. This really is very unreasonable and would leave your girlfriend hurt and confused as if the breakup did not hurt a lot already. Your chances of getting her back will become very slim if she finds out you have been engaged in such acts. She will feel betrayed and likely start to hate you
  2. HINTING SEX TO YOUR EX: you will not get any closer to getting your girlfriend back by suggesting you get back together mainly for sex. The chances are that your girlfriend will feel that you were really just with her for sex or she would feel that you are a sex addict. Either way, this would not feel you looking responsible in her eyes or make her miss the relationship you once had. She would more likely be repulsed by your hint or suggestion and would be grateful she ended things with you in the first place.

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A successful relationship really is based on love and trust. It is not based on disrespect, blackmail or any sort of manipulation. Therefore, if you wish to get your perfect relationship back and get your girlfriend back, doing things that show disrespect to her would be the wrong way to about it. Hopefully, this would give you a good idea of what not to do.